Customer Acquisition & Retention

1 Billion direct mail pieces | Millions of emails | Millions of outbound & Inbound call hours

16 Million Impressions from a native ad campaign | 3 Million SMS messages monthly

6 Continents | 50+ Countries| Multi-cultural | Languages | Geo-targeting – specific locations / stores

I built the segmentation, personalization and variable text messaging for millions of messages to consumers and business customers. In the beginning, the targeting was broader, I admit. Segmentation became more distinct and valuable over the years. However, personalized messaging isn’t 100% about selling, cross-selling, or up-selling. It is also about service. Real customer service.

Personalized messages triggered upon specific conditions support your customers’ use of your product/service use. A typical triggered message may be an SMS message. If you were a cell service provider, you could update customers on their data usage, when and where to pay a mobile bill, or even when they used their international call credits up, or how to upgrade to a plan with unlimited minutes to your home country. That last one is more a marketing message. Retention, customer journey, customer engagement, omnichannel marketing – it is all one package – built on 20+ years of real marketing experience

Digital Acquisition is a natural extension of Customer Relationship Management and Retention. CRM goes directly to your client, reaches out to them (as discussed above) and ‘touches’ them. It might prompt a bill payment even (again as noted above), or it might cross-sell items like Amazon does on its sites and in email recommendations based on your past purchase activity.

Digital acquisition also touches the prospect or your customer. For an existing customer, a retargeting program could ‘remind’ them to buy again which is retention or life-time-value focused, even if retargeting is a digital channel. Also, a prospect can become a customer through site retargeting or look-a-like models used in CRM retargeting audiences, as well as other digital marketing channels: programmatic, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media, affiliate marketing, content marketing, comparison shopping engines, display, and native ads.

I recently completed a digital acquisition roadmap for an e-commerce apparel store. I shared specific recommendations where and how much they should spend on various digital marketing channels – to double their revenue in one year! Those channels could include site re-targeting, CRM/email re-targeting, prospect/look-a-like models, and search engine marketing expansion, social media marketing, and driving more earned, owned and paid media.

Where is it all going?

Hyper-localized and personalized messages to unique customer segments. What is hyper-localized? You are driving down the road, using location services in the background, and get an offer to visit a restaurant, Macy’s or a reminder to pick up your spouse’s birthday gift.

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Acquisition and Retention of global customer base

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning identifies the right customers to target with specific compelling offers. Between demographics, psychographics, behavioral patterns and purchase history along with intent, your data takes customer ‘touches’ to the next level, almost to the minority report level from that famous Tom Cruise movie. Don’t get frightened, when done correctly and with appropriate fairness & opt-ins, you can drive revenue growth from engaged and willing partners in your success – your customers. You have to treat them with respect, and they have to come to TRUST you.

Privacy is important. GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) is going to progress through the globe. I am not just speaking about the data breach side of GDPR in the EU. Globally we are going to see changes to the use of location services targeting consumers – but many customers will opt-in if you give them a reason.

Compelling Offers are that reason. You have to give to get it. It is essential to create a compelling offer that resonates with your unique customer. It also has to find the customer at the right time.

Finally, it will not be millions or billions of pieces or impressions, and you will find unique customers of one.

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